The Maverick approach to our solutions is to first identify the problem. We are experiencing a new age of technology and advancement, with new challenges arising on the daily. With a diverse range of problems, different for you and me, we set out to solve the one thing that we all share in common – our health. This requires a prolonged approach where we tackle the body’s intricate homeostatic balance and achieve a solution for the long-run instead of looking to drive short term results at the expense of your body’s long-term balance. As Professor Shauna Shapiro said, “Happiness is not found through changing our external world, but through changing our internal landscape.”

  1. Identify the culprit – What’s the root cause of our problems? What aspects can we change?
  2. Find the solutions – What are the internal processes we are targeting? What can we do to augment and improve your body’s ability to vindicate the culprits? What are the ingredients that can cause an impact? What do they do? What does the research say about these ingredients? How do we deliver this into the human body? What forms are most ideal and most bioavailable? How do the ingredients work together?
  3. Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance – accountability to ourselves, our fellow human beings, and the government; what quality standards are being overlooked and how do we verify that?
  4. Manufacturing feasibility – What is the best way to deliver these solutions into the body? How do our consumers take the product? What are their habits? How do we make this as convenient and as straightforward as possible?
  5. Confident we can give this to our own family – we’re eager to give this to Mom and Pops, are you?