Let’s get down the bread and butter of how we design our solutions. Our premise is that our bodies our intricate systems with a profound capability for adaptation and growth, and we are able to utilize specific ingredients to synergistically augment multiple internal processes centred around cognition to achieve an improved state of wellbeing. Our solutions are formulated to support the body’s neural biochemistry to achieve a new elevated state of homeostasis, delivering a better functioning body, and providing lasting benefits.


The neural system, as with any other internal system, is complex and delicate. The devil is in the details, and we have to be stringent to ensure we capture the full picture, locating each and every biological pathway relevant to the problem we are trying to address and the synergistic relationships between these processes. We have to take note of how our ingredients interact with one another and how they enter your body, and that’s where the scientific method and diving deep into research has enabled us to do.



Our ingredients are chosen for its efficacy and potency for impacting a specific part of the equation. They are then vetted by digging through peer-reviewed literature, looking at what in-vivo and in-vitro studies have found in terms of safety and efficacy. This vetting process needs to involve all appropriate evidence, only from internationally recognized publications and peer-reviewed (reviewed by fellow researchers prior to publication) to ensure the evidence stands up to scrutiny.


Sourcing and Quality

Our ingredients are then tested for quality parameters, ensuring it is what our vendors claim it is, and that the potency and bioactivity is up to par (i.e. we only use herbal ingredients standardized with bioactive compounds so we know what we are getting). Furthermore, vendors are chosen specifically to ensure supply chain and quality compliance, with long-lasting relationships to further ensure consistency and quality.


Third Party Testing

Our products are sent to third-party labs for heavy metal, microbiological, potency testing, and DNA testing to ensure everything we are releasing encompasses the quality we claim.



  • Halal-certified
  • TRU-ID verified
  • Health Canada Natural Product Number assigned
  • Vegetarian
  • No artificial colors, flavours, sweeteners